10 Tips to Work from Rest

Success secrets to SERVE from OVERFLOW

Melony sets herself apart from the typical business coach by utilizing a faith-based, strategic approach in her professional and business development services.

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  • Melony has helped me put myself as a priority as I grow my budding business. The concept of putting time aside for myself has completely revolutionized the way that I think about my life and helped me value myself as a CEO & Head Designer of my own company. I look forward to working with Melony for years to come!
  • As a seasoned entrepreneur, I was becoming a bit complacent in my business because I couldn't see past my day to day operation. I was introduced to Melony Buenger and immediately felt a connection when sharing with her my work and my business. I found her insightful and encouraging as we sat down to coffee to get to know each other. Melony wants to know and understand what a person's passion is that they share with the world. As I have been working with Melony 1 on 1 she has helped me to define a more clear focus and a direction that is enabling me to fulfill my dreams and share my passion of health and self-care. With her coaching and accountability, my impact is growing not only to my community she is helping me to impact the world. As I continue to work with Melony I am challenged to work with greater passion and purpose. So to sum up, to reach your God-sized goals partner with Melony and impact your world!
  • Melony is a master when it comes to putting together programs and offers for speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs. She was able to see what I needed and help me craft the perfect situation for my business. If you need some help in that area I would definitely recommend giving Melony a shout out, to see what she can do for YOU and your business!
  • Melony is a natural storyteller and speaker. She is warm, compassionate, inspiring and approachable. Melony has a natural soul presence and leadership. She leads with her explorer archetype that shines through as she leads people on a journey to their higher calling. Melony inspires hope and healing.
  • I am delighted and honored to recommend Ms. Melony Buenger as a committed profession in her own craft. I have had the opportunity to experience Ms. Buenger's dedication to her client. I have had the first-hand experience as a member of Accountability Masters. I personally have received unique ideas for my business launches that others would pay thousands to obtain. Ms. Buenger is patient and thinks through her ideas specifically for my needs. I have experienced MAJOR life changes--others will be blessed by--and Ms. Buenger was able to provide a nurturing yet professional environment where I am free and transparent in my growth and God's Plan for my life. Grateful!!

HI! I'm Melony.

Are you looking for a strategic development coach who puts God into the foundation of your business?

I help you ignite the fire within through my signature programs, group & private coaching, and speaking. I work with entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and influencers of all types that want to make a difference for the kingdom of God and serve from their overflow. I teach you how to expertly care for each part of your life by structuring your weeks, months, and years around self-care, family time, and your industry ebb & flow.

God’s ways and man’s ways are not the same--so let’s do it His way and follow the calling in your heart.

If you’re looking for motivation, leadership development, and accountability you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a faith-based business development coach & speaker who helps you put God in the foundation of your business and goals.

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